Interior Residential

Careful preparation is an important part of every project. Our services include:

  • An on-staff, experienced carpenter for repairing and/or replacing damaged drywall or woodwork (cases, baseboards, moldings, doors, etc).
  • Removing dirt, oils and mildew from surfaces.
  • Spackling and sanding blemishes and holes.
  • Spot priming and sealing stains.

The Right Colors:

interior2Interior painting can transform a room completely by the way it looks and also make a statement of neutrality while providing a pleasant backdrop for other decorative pieces. Particular lighting and furniture determine the selection of interior colors, which should evoke the emotions you want your rooms to show. If you are having difficulty picking the proper palette to suit your needs, our color consultants with 10 years of experience can help you find just the right color to get the right effect.

Commitment to Quality:

Our experienced and well-trained craftsmen start working when the surfaces are ready to be painted, to give you the highest quality paint job possible. We recommend high premium quality interior paints for their excellent adhesion and smooth application. We will use any brand of paint upon request.

Customer Focus:

We take care of our customers. Project managers oversee each project from beginning to end. They are ready to answer any question you may have and keep you up to date with the progress of the project. Interior painting can be a disruption to your household, so we stay on-time and on-schedule. In addition, we respect your property, carefully ensuring that your possessions are not harmed. We always leave the worksite clean and tidy for your satisfaction.

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