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Cabinet Painting

Here is the process we follow for repainting cabinets.

  • Prime 1 Coat of Oil Base Primer and Paint 2 Coats at the following Cabinets.
  • Paint doors both sides, apply paint by spray/microfiber roll or brush.
  • Paint frame only at exterior side, apply paint by microfiber roll and brush.
  • Do not paint inside cabinets.

Cabinet Painting Job Steps

  • Remove and re-install existing hardware where needed.
  • Caulk & repair cracks and holes as needed.
  • Apply 1-coat of oil-based primer, after primer coat has dried completely, use 220-grit paper or finer and sand all surfaces lightly.
  • Apply 2-coats of paint (acrylic), sand between coats to ensure a smooth final finish. After your first coat has dried completely, sand all surfaces using fine-grit paper, taking extra care to smooth out any drips or pools that have formed in corners or elsewhere. Vacuum and wipe with paint thinner to remove all dust.
  • Use Oil Base Primer and Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint. (Top Quality)

Why trust Gonzalez Painters & Contractors with your Interior Painting project?

The interior house painters in Durham NC from Gonzalez Painters & Contractors are experienced and well-trained craftsmen, providing you the highest quality paint job possible. We recommend high premium quality interior paints for their excellent adhesion and smooth application. We will use any brand of paint upon request.
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  • Customer Focus
  • You are our priority, and we prove this by protecting your operations, schedule, and environment

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