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Wallpaper Removal

Do you have old wallpaper that you’d like to remove? We offer a comprehensive process to remove wallpaper and repaint your walls. We paint 1 coat of an oil-based primer, and 2 coats on top after removing the wallpaper.

  • Moisture wallpaper paper before removal.
  • Cover all floors with drop cloths and plastic on top.Use tape to prevent water/moisture reach the floors.
  • In case water spot on floors, clean it immediately.
  • Use oil base primer on walls after wallpaper removal.
  • Sand walls before and after priming.
  • Repair drywall scratches/spots where required

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The interior house painters in Durham NC from Gonzalez Painters & Contractors are experienced and well-trained craftsmen, providing you the highest quality paint job possible. We recommend high premium quality interior paints for their excellent adhesion and smooth application. We will use any brand of paint upon request.
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