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But Gonzalez Painters and Contractors are pleased to serve this lovely community and surrounding areas as trusted painters in Timberlake, NC. We provide homeowners and commercial properties across the Raleigh-Durham area with the highest quality of residential painting, commercial painting, interior painting and exterior painting services. We want to be your preferred painting contractor, too!

As leading painters in Timberlake, NC, we offer a full array of painting services. These include:

Exterior Painting Services

At Gonzalez Painters and Contractors, it is our contractors’ skill, knowledge and experience that set us apart as the best painting company for your interior and exterior needs. We place the utmost importance on quality customer care, ensuring we finish each job by exceeding our customers’ high standards. To reach these high standards, we use only the best materials like Sherwin-Williams paint. As top exterior painters in Timberlake, NC, we also maintain a passion for everything we do. As part of your painting project, we work hard to enhance the beauty, curb appeal and value of your home or commercial property.

Before we start working for you, we are pleased to provide a free, on-site consultation and cost estimate. Then, when you hire us as your exterior painters in Timberlake, NC, we wash the exterior surfaces, scrape away loose paint and smooth rough areas. Our painting contractors caulk cracks and crevices to prevent water infiltration and protect the integrity of the exterior façade. Once the priming work is done, your Gonzalez Painters and Contractors pros apply your preferred colors of Sherwin-Williams paint. Once the work is done, we clean up our work areas and walk the site with you for a quality inspection. We want to ensure you are fully satisfied with us as your painting company!

Interior Painting Services

Gonzalez Painters and Contractors is also pleased to be your interior painters in Timberlake, NC. You can expect the same quality of customer service and care as provided for exterior painting work. We always focus on meeting your expectations, finishing the project in a timely manner and using the best quality of materials like Sherwin-Williams interior paints. This is why so many of your neighbors trust us as their painters in Timberlake, NC!

As your interior painting company, we start your indoor project with a free consultation and cost estimate. We can help you with color selection, too. If you are unsure whether you want matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes, our painting contractors can help you understand how each of these affect the overall look of your space.

When working as your interior painters in Timberlake, NC, we gently move your furniture and other belongings away from the work area. We also use protective sheeting and drop cloths to cover furniture, heavy objects and flooring. Only when these items are secured do we start the painting process, first filling cracks and holes, sealing stains and sanding rough spots. Once we have primed your interior surfaces, we apply your selected colors of Sherwin-Williams paint. Upon completion of the project, we inspect the work with you to ensure we have met your expectations as your painters in Timberlake, NC.

Where We Work as Painters in Timberlake, NC

Gonzalez Painters and Contractors work as interior and exterior painters in Timberlake, NC and throughout Person County, including Rougemont, Ai, Bahama and Hurdle Mills. We provide a full array of painting services as a top painting company for zip code 27583.


We thoroughly clean, sand, and prime surfaces to ensure excellent paint adhesion in Timberlake.

Yes, we provide precise color matching services to ensure seamless touch-ups on your property in Timberlake.

We are fully equipped to manage painting projects in rural areas, addressing any specific challenges unique to Timberlake.

We carefully plan and monitor weather conditions to complete exterior projects efficiently and safely during the rainy season in Timberlake.

Spraying and “brush & roll” are both acceptable ways to apply paint as long as the paint is put on at the proper spread rate (sq. ft./gallon). Spraying will provide a smoother appearance but is difficult to touch up. Brushing and rolling paint doesn’t give as smooth an appearance as spraying, but is easier to touch up. Some people say that sprayed paint will not adhere as well as brushed & rolled paint but, if the surface is totally clean, both methods will adhere properly. Peeling problems can arise when sprayed paint is applied to a partially cleaned or dirty wall or surface. Depending on the surface to be painted and the condition and location it is in, a quality paint applicator will decide whether a spray or brush & rolled application technique is the best choice for the project.

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