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February Specials 2024

22 years in business GPC birthday month

  1. With exterior paint (Pressure wash is included for free)
  2. Free light gutter cleaning with full Exterior painting
  3. Blow away debris (leafs) from roof
  4. Only jobs estimated in February qualify with a total cost of $3500+
  5. Restrictions may apply

Cleaning your gutters is critical because clogged gutters will overflow and damage your home. The purpose of gutters is to guide water from your roof to the ground while keeping it away from your house. The problem is that water is never the only thing that ends up in your gutter. Leaves, debris, shingle grit, even animals can find their way in there and when they get stuck, your gutters can clog —causing some serious and costly damage to your home. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to soak into your fascia board and cause it to rot. Rotted fascia board can allow water to leak into your attic, ceiling, etc. Similarly, if your downspout and drain are clogged, water can leak into your basement or foundation. It’s not only costly to fix but can cause dangerous mold and mildew growth.

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