Exterior Residential

Careful preparation is an important part of every project. Our services include:

  • Experienced carpenter for repairing/replacing damaged siding, cedar shingles and exterior woodwork (soffits, sills, fascia, moldings, porch railings, etc.) and fixing or installing flashing.
  • Pressure washing to remove dirt, mildew, oxidation and debris.
  • Scraping off loose or cracked paint.
  • Spot priming on new carpentry.
  • Caulking joints and seams.

The Right Colors:

exterior2A new coat of paint can give your entire house an exterior facelift, and choosing the right color is important. One of the major differences between indoor and outdoor painting is, with outdoor painting, there is a wider range of exterior surfaces to consider.

If you are having difficulty picking the proper palette to suit your needs, our color consultants with 10 years of experience can help you find just the right color to get the right effect.

Commitment to quality:

We recommend High Premium Quality Paint for the exterior because of its excellent adhesion, smooth application, better protection, fade resistance, chalk resistance, and wash ability to insure a professional exterior house painting job. We will use any brand of paint upon request. We apply exterior paints by hand-brush and/or a sprayer to ensure that the sides and bottom edges are completely reached.

Additional Services:

In addition to high quality exterior painting, we also offer the following services:

  • Deck restoration — Including repairs, pressure washing, staining and sealing.
  • HardiPlank installation – HardiPlank is a fiber-cement siding that resists rotting, cracking, and weather damage, is low maintenance, and takes paint beautifully. We find HardiPlank to be an excellent replacement for damaged Masonite siding.

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