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Gonzalez Painters & Contractors is your local source for interior painting services. Our Durham NC interior house painters provide all of the paint services for homes you need. From expert color matching to painting of drywall, trim, and cabinetry, contact Gonzalez Painters & Contractors for paint services for homes in Durham NC and surrounding areas.

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  Durham NC Paint Services for Homes

The interior house painters at Gonzalez Painters & Contractors provide expert interior paint services. Careful preparation is an important part of every project. Our paint services for homes in Durham NC include:

  • Removing dirt, oils and mildew from surfaces.
  • Spackling and sanding blemishes and holes.
  • Spot priming and sealing stains.
  • An on-staff, experienced carpenter for repairing and/or replacing damaged drywall or woodwork (cases, baseboards, moldings, doors, etc).
  • And other Durham NC painting & contracting services, including exterior painting services, siding and gutter services, roofing repair and replacement services, and other contracting needs.
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The Right Colors:

Durham NC interior painting services interior house painters paint services for homes Interior painting services can transform a room completely by the way it looks and also make a statement of neutrality while providing a pleasant backdrop for other decorative pieces. Particular lighting and furniture determine the selection of interior colors, which should evoke the emotions you want your rooms to show. If you are having difficulty picking the proper palette to suit your needs, contac