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Here are some simple instructions to help you do easy wallpaper removal without harming your walls and get ready for your paint job.

Step 1: Identify Your Wall Type


Plaster walls consist of two or three layers of plaster applied over wood lath that has been attached to wood-framed walls. If you knock on these walls, they are sturdy and make dull noises.


A drywall is a sheet of material that resembles chalk that is wrapped in a thin cardboard. When you knock on these sheets that are fastened to wood-framed walls, they make a hollow sound. When using a wallpaper scraping tool, take care not to harm the cardboard facing because drywall is more brittle than plaster.

Step 2: Prepare

Clear the Walls

Before you start the removal process, you must first prepare your working space. Start by clearing every wall where you will remove the wallpaper. Everything else, including trinkets, photos, nails, and paintings, must be removed.

Clear or Cover Furniture

Remove as many furnishings as possible. Cover what’s left with a tarpaulin. 

Spread a Drop Cloth

Along the baseboards, place used towels. Tape the plastic drop cloths to the baseboards after spreading them over the towels. You may also use blue tape to protect your floors.

Step 3: Remove the Wallpaper

Strippable Wallpaper

The simplest method for removing wallpaper is removable wallpaper. This is how to check:

  1. Check the bottom edge. Use a putty knife to pry the edge of the wallcovering at a corner or seam close to the bottom of the wall. If the wallpaper is easily removable and keeps rising as you pull, the task should go quickly.
  2. Pull the strips. Simply hold the lower corner of a strip and pull it away until both corners are free to remove the paper. Once the entire strip is off the wall, grab the bottom edge with both hands and pull. Repeat this all across the space.
  3. Cut the stubborn areas. Use a razor knife to help the paper along if it’s resistant. Make a series of horizontal strips spaced about 10 inches apart while holding the knife perpendicular to the wall. Then, using your fingers, loosen the paper part and pull it free.

With Water

For this, you will require liquid stripper concentrate mixed with warm water. Using a large brush or a sprayer, apply the mixture to your walls. One area at a time, work your way down from the top. Avoid attempting to tackle an area that will dry before you can remove the paper. Start with a scraper to remove the paper after letting it soak for a few minutes.

The old paper will sometimes simply not absorb water. When this occurs, score the surface with a scoring tool or coarse sandpaper to make room for the water to permeate the paper. Apply the wetting agent twice more when it has fully soaked, and let it sit for 30 minutes. When you can use your fingernail to scrape off pieces, it is ready.

Peelable Wallpaper

There is a layer of wallpaper called a topcoat that can be peeled off, making it peelable. The backing will remain once the top layer has been removed. To remove the backing, adhere to the instructions for water-based stripping. Even if the backing is in fine shape, remove it immediately.

Washable Wallpaper

Washable wallpaper has a surface that makes it simple to clean but a little more difficult to take off. Water cannot permeate paper until you remove the plastic layer that is covering it. In order to make holes in the wallpaper, use a scoring tool. Spray the paper with hot water in a spray bottle to saturate it. Water should be sprayed into the slits to allow it to pass beneath the covering. After waiting for about 10–15 minutes, use a putty knife to remove the paper.

Steam Removal

A wallpaper steamer is an easy wallpaper removal tool that softens the adhesive by heating water to a boil. Using a scoring tool, you must still make holes in the paper so that the steam may penetrate the vinyl coating on the wallpaper and remove it.

Step 4: Check for unremoved glue splotches

For some of the more challenging glue splotches, use a paint remover and add more solution when removing wallpaper glue. As the undersides of the wallpaper removal pieces will include wet and slimy adhesive, be sure to immediately place all of the wallpaper removal pieces into your garbage bags. If you don’t, they’ll wind up drying out on the carpet or floor, which will require additional cleaning and be a hassle.

Step 5: Clean the Walls

You’ll still need to remove the glue residue that was left on the walls after removing all of the wallpaper. It’s a good idea to use a wallpaper stripper. You can also use a straightforward technique when cleaning the walls if there isn’t much paste left over after removing the paper. In a bottle, combine dish soap or a fabric softener with warm water. Use a sponge to clean the walls after spraying them with the mixture. With a fresh cloth, dry the walls.

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