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Learn how to paint your ceiling the right way with these easy tips and techniques. It’s no secret that a fresh coat of paint can swiftly change the mood of your home or rooms for that matter. However, some people find it tricky to simply paint a ceiling.

Now, you do not have to worry. Just focus all eyes here to know more about ceiling painting 101 from us. Be knowledgeable about what tools to use, how to avoid a messy situation, and how to make your paint look like it was done by a professional.

Here’s a list of our painting tips to help your ceiling brighten up any room in the house:

Prepare the Painting Materials

  • Cotton Drop Cloths
  • A Washi Tape
  • A Flexible Paint Brush
  • A Small Paint Tray
  • Roller Frame
  • Paint Roller
  • Metal Paint Tray w/ Plastic Tray Liner
  • Extension Poles
  • Ceiling Paint
  • A Rag
  • A Ladder

Ready the Ceiling for Painting

If you only plan to paint the ceiling and not include the walls of the room, put washi tape along the edges of the ceiling to shield them from accidental paint drips. Start putting tape from one perimeter of the room and thoroughly press down on the tape so as not to let the paint go through.

Make sure to also remove fixtures that can be removed and cover the ceiling fans and light fixtures. Place several drop cloths on your furniture and flooring to keep them safe from unavoidable paint spills and splatters. Don’t forget to brush your ceilings clean of any debris so that paint would be even.

Prior to having started painting an entire room, always begin with the ceiling first and wait a single day or until it completely dries before having painted the walls.

Work Throughout The Edges

Using a flexible paint brush, begin painting from one corner of the room and across the circumference of the ceiling until you meet the wall. This is where a small tray would be more useful because it is lighter and more convenient to bring up the ladder when painting.

Roll Out

The next thing you should do is load the roller with paint and then begin rolling on the ceiling. It’s best if you can work swiftly by rolling the roller back and forth before the paint even has the chance to splatter. Instead of climbing up a ladder, you can opt-out to using an extension pole instead to reach the ceiling with stability and increased mobility.

After finishing a portion of the ceiling, you can use an unloaded roller to smoothen the part that has just been painted. Once the paint dries, this is the best time to see if you overlooked spots to apply a second coat if needed. Although, it is recommended to do a double coating for a finer look.

It’s key to know that when rolling onto a ceiling, the direction of painting should only be in one direction. On the other hand, when adding a second coating, it should be applied from the opposite direction. Give it a day to dry and you will have an aesthetic ceiling.

Have Difficult Ceilings? Ceiling Painting 101 Got You!

  1. Popcorn or other textured ceilings: The trick with painting a popcorn ceiling is using a paint roller with an extended nap so it has the capability to absorb more paint and fill out the uneven ceiling. Painting the grooves of a textured ceiling would also require more paint, make sure to estimate how many gallons of paint you would need.
  2. Vaulted ceilings: Painting a vaulted ceiling can look intimidating or possibly challenging but it is possible, you just need added determination. It is suggested to paint from the ground with a roller and extension pole rather than a ladder by beginning painting from the highest point and working your way down in short straight lines. Although, you will still want to use the ladder and a brush to enhance the tight corners.

Painting Tip: For ceilings, eggshell white is the most favorable color but you can be as creative as you like. Light colors are often chosen for an exquisite and simple look to make your room look bigger. In contrast, darker colors are used for a cool and relaxing look. Be sure to choose the color of paint that goes well with the overall look of the room such as with the color of the walls and furniture. 

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While it might seem simple, ceiling painting has a lot of important factors to consider before arriving at a final decision. As this type of project will usually cost money, time, and energy, it is best that you make a thorough decision by learning about the different points of consideration. 

With Gonzales Painters, we have a panel of experts that can make your dreams into a reality. All you have to do is to contact us and we’ll schedule a consultation or interior painting just for you. Together, we can pinpoint and formulate the best projects for your home.

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