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It is a common misconception that the only material used in shingled roofs is the shingles. There are actually several different components involved, and each one must be chosen and installed correctly if your home is to be properly protected from the elements. Here are the important components of shingled roofs:

  • Shingles- You should consider various factors when choosing shingles, including aesthetics, quality, and warranty information. The difference between subpar materials and quality ones can be a decade or more of performance and reliability.
  • Underlayment- The purpose of the shingles is to protect the underlayment. The underlayment must be high-quality to keep water from reaching your roof deck and rotting it out.
  • Flashing around protrusions- Every roof has several protrusions that must be properly sealed. Flashing and other barriers are used around plumbing vents, chimneys, dormers, skylights, and in any roof valleys.
  • Starter strip- The first row of shingles must be affixed properly or they will blow up in strong winds. A quality starter strip is necessary to avoid major roof damage.
  • Hip and ridge- These are mostly aesthetic touches, but also serve to add protection to the ridge.
  • Ventilation- If your attic doesn’t have a ventilation system in place to allow heat and moisture to escape, your shingled roof will suffer the consequences. It could also suffer other ill effects, including mold and reduced energy efficiency.
  • If you are interested in learning more about shingled roofs, give us a call at Gonzalez Roofing- A Division of Gonzalez Painters and Contractors. We are happy to go over the various shingle options and the steps we take to ensure your Raleigh, North Carolina home has lasting protection from the elements. Call today to schedule a roofing assessment and consultation.

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