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Color psychology might seem insignificant but it has been proven effective by psychologists and marketing teams as a significant factor in increasing sales for your business. Using a color wheel can help you find complementary colors and different color combinations for your brand’s logo that can help you better present your business. A simple change can go a long way toward the profitability and continuity of your company.

Here are some of the guidelines for choosing top commercial paint colors that are right for your business:

  • Select colors with high saturation
  • Select colors that go with your business logo
  • Keep in mind the colors surrounding your logo
  • It’s important to remember that there are no perfect color choices. However, professionals suggest that using a combination of colors in your business area can have beneficial effects on your business’s productivity.

Here are some of the top commercial paint colors for a commercial building paint that can boost customer interaction in relation to your business:


Red symbolizes power, it has the ability to get people’s attention and maintain it. It is actually the most used color for marketing because it tends to increase a viewer’s heart rate and develop a sense of importance. It encourages customers to make big decisions once they enter your premises which can then increase transactions.

That being said, having your logo or company name painted in red can help you grab customers’ attention especially when you paint your building exterior paint colors with red. For this reason, many malls and retail stores use shades of red to announce sales of their products.


Blue is a color of relaxation, it is often viewed as trustworthy, cool, and provides a sense of security. That is why most banks and department stores used this color.

Other than that, they are used in healthcare facilities. This is because it gives patients a sense of tranquility that can help nurture relationships between patients and medical professionals. This is also an excellent color for office buildings.


Just like the color red, it is a strong and bright color that grabs attention. It can evoke feelings of excitement in both males and females. The color is often associated with harmony, femininity, and romance. As such, this is the best color for businesses that seek to advertise their services relating to spas, beauty, perfume, and lingerie.


Green creates a sense of warmth, inviting feeling and can be associated with wealth. This makes customers feel open-minded and can drastically change their purchasing habits and consider buying products that they would normally avoid.


Orange is the color of energy that can also be an attention grabber for customers because it gives a sense of good deals and low costs. Adding this color to your color scheme would present a vibrant color appeal to your customers. 


When making a decision to pick a neutral-colored paint, gray is the color for you for it depicts modesty, welcomeness, and class. Use this paint color for commercial buildings to communicate affability and ease among consumers. Marketing professionals often use this color in order to incorporate color schemes together for it signifies neutrality and balance.

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