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Rain gutters are essential because they’re responsible for water management, especially during a storm where it constantly rains water that can cause flooding, protecting your home from potential damage. A leaky gutter is a problem that can become costly in the long run. Asking the question, “Why are my gutters leaking?” is the first step in identifying the problem.

Causes of Leaky Gutters

Why water drips from your gutters is a common question asked by homeowners and what gutter companies often come across. It is key to note that there are a couple of factors that may be in play in which seeking professional help is the best thing to do. But here are five of the most common causes of leaky gutters that gutter companies face on a daily basis:

1. Clogs

Clogged gutters are the usual cause of leaky gutters mainly if you do not regularly clean them as they can accumulate leaves, litter, and debris but one upside is that you can diagnose this easily. By checking your gutter system, clogs can be simply identified when there is something preventing the water from going through the downspout and instead, passing through gaps between the gutter or its drip edges. 

If you ever notice your gutters are clogged, the debris can be easily removed by hand. Although, if the downspout is the one that’s clogged, it needs to be detached from the house to be able to clean it effectively. It is important to clean your gutters at least once a year to avoid water from overflowing and damaging your roof.

2. Cracks and Holes

Every material goes through the process of wear and tear in time where even your gutter can develop small cracks and holes that can potentially grow bigger over time. If you do notice signs of leaking, it would be a great idea to examine it by pouring water in the gutter and spot holes where water leaks that can be invisible to the naked eye. 

This issue could be easily resolved by applying a waterproof sealant over the small holes, but if the cracks are too big, you might have to change your gutter as a whole.

3. Improperly Sealed or Separated Joints

A sealant can also lose its ability of not let water pass through it as time passes by, this can be seen when parts of your gutter start to separate from one another or when a previously sealed hole starts to leak again. Most of the time, you can just replace the sealant to make it watertight again, if this doesn’t work, you might need to replace the entire section of your gutter.

4. Improper Slope

A gutter installation should include a downward pipe that makes water flow down easily to the downspouts. Over time, these gutters will begin to weaken which could be the cause of loose fasteners or it could not handle the weight of the water anymore. To repair an improper slope, you would need to rehang the whole gutter section.

5. Loose Fasteners

Loose gutters can cause additional problems, this is because gutters are usually attached to a fascia board by screws, nails, or hangers that pass through both the gutter and the board. Loose gutters are the cause of the fasteners becoming loose, creating small spaces where water will eventually leak from. 

The main problem is when the water is now directly interacting with the fascia boards causing them to rot. This can be corrected by tightening the fasteners and reinforcing them with a sealant to ensure durability. If this issue is not immediately identified, it can cause you to replace both your gutters and fascia boards.

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Now that you are knowledgeable about the different factors that can cause your gutter to leak, it is notable to clean, inspect and perform proper gutter maintenance regularly to ensure their durability and to avoid causing more problems. Also, make sure to always be wary of the warning signs and act on them immediately.

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