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Learn about how long it takes to install gutters in your home, the difference between a sectional gutter and a seamless gutter, their cost, and more!

Gutter systems are an important part of the exterior part of your home which is situated under the roof. Its purpose is to collect water when it rains and redirect them away from the property. They can last for more than 20 years if proper maintenance is done consistently. In recent years, the development of new designs like the seamless gutter systems is now available for homeowners to give them more effective options.

Sectional Gutters vs Seamless Gutters

  1. Sectional Gutters

These types of gutters are also called conventional gutters which are sold in pre-cut lengths of gutter which are connected together with hardware and then sealed to make sure water doesn’t leak through. Although, as time passes by and your gutter systems age, leaks can happen as the sealant used could wear down which can cause unwanted damage to your home.

  1. Seamless Gutters

Comparably, seamless gutters are made with a continuous piece of material that is cut according to your home’s dimensions. This means that parts will not need to be fused together before you can seal them. This helps prevent leaks from happening in your gutter system.

The process of installing gutters in your home includes having a professional gutter from an installation company that goes to your home in order to conduct measurements. Once data from measurements are retrieved, gutters will precisely cut the necessary length of your gutter on-site before installing them. 

A gutter installation usually only takes only a couple of hours or a day which depends on how big your home is or the size of the project. This means that it would not take much of your time and you can go back to your day as it is.

How Long Does It Take to Install Seamless vs. Sectional Gutters?

As previously stated, sectional gutters are pre-cut into small lengths that require each piece to be fused together before the sealant can be applied in order to be installed. This causes additional time for the project to be completed which would also depend on the size of your home. On average, this usually takes a couple of days for the project to be completed.

Overall, the professional gutter installation company who would install your gutters will make sure that the sealant in your gutter would be completely dry which would be responsible for restricting leaks, this adds additional time for the completion of your project. However, with a seamless gutter installation, it would only take less than a day for the project to be completed, which makes it a faster and more effective makeover of your home.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Gutters?

A gutter system’s purpose is to collect water when it rains and direct it to a downspout location where the gutter runs water vertically. These structures are angled in a way they can impel water from your property. If functioning properly, your gutter system will help in preventing damage to your home that the water can cause such as:

  • Leaking and flooding in your basement
  • Causing cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Erosion in your landscaping
  • Leaking roofs that can go inside your home
  • Water damaging higher levels of your home
  • Staining, rusting, and chipping paint on the walls of your home
  • Growing of mold, mildew, and moss

How Much Does it Cost Seamless vs. Sectional Gutters?

The cost of installing gutters varies based on the following factors:

  • Size of your home
  • The material used for your gutters
  • Size and style of gutters
  • How many gutters and downspouts do you want to install
  • Added features (ex. gutter guards)
  • Cost of labor

Seamless gutters which are less likely to leak, sag, and crack are more expensive to install. On average, seamless gutters cost $6 to $45 per linear foot. Conversely, sectional gutters cost $3 to $28 to install.

Different Types of Gutters

Rain gutters have four primary styles. This section will describe each in detail.

  1. K-Style Gutters

This type of gutter is very common because they are DIY-friendly that adds an aesthetic appeal to your home which looks like crown molding. Their standard size is 5-6 inches in width and comes with rectangular downspouts. Their characteristic of having a flat back makes it easier for a sheet metal screw to be nailed into a fascia board which makes it easier to install as well.

One disadvantage, however, is that K-style gutters are harder to clean compared to other types of gutters because their inner angles accumulate more debris that can lead to rotting.

  1. Half-Round Gutters

These types of gutters have a semicircular feature with a curved lip. The design makes them compatible with round downspouts. In the same way as K-style gutters, they come in 5-6 inches widths. Back in the day, these were the popular option that adds a traditional look to a home. That being said, they become favorable to people who have historic or brick homes.

  1. Box-Style Gutters

Box-style gutters are usually used for commercial and industrial buildings but they could also be used on residential homes to give them an industrial look. These types of gutters are bigger and are made to accommodate larger amounts of rainwater which makes them better choices for homes that have large roofs. Their standard size is 7-8 inches but can go up to 10 inches wide.

Their distinction from the previous two types of gutters is that they are not hung on the edge of your roof, but instead, they come with a high back section that fastens them to your roof’s shingles. For this reason, you could only install this type of gutter while your home is being built.

  1. Fascia Gutters

This type of gutter is customizable that gives your home a seamless and modern look. With the help of a professional gutter, you’ll be able to build your gutter system from one long piece of aluminum suitable and tailor-made for your home. For this reason, fascia gutters would cost twice more as K-style and Half-round gutters.

Types of Gutter Materials

Gutters can be made from different materials in order to match the look of your home and budget. This section will describe each one in detail.

  1. Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutters are the type of material that is low maintenance and does not rust for they are covered in a self-sealing patina which prevents any cracks or scratches from falling debris. These gutters can have a lifespan of more than 80 years and their looks won’t fade as much as their quality.

  1. Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters are one of the most commonly used which are made from PVC and plastics and are very easy to install. However, they are not quite long-lasting for their average lifespan goes for only a decade or two. In addition, vinyl has the tendency to wear down in wet climates.

  1. Aluminum Gutters

This type of aluminum is also a popular choice to incorporate into gutter systems. They can also last a decade or two and are compatible with a DIY installation. Being made from aluminum, they are rust resistant although they are more vulnerable to cracking compared to other metal gutters.

  1. Galvanized Steel Gutters

Galvanized gutters are made from stainless steel materials and are stronger than the aluminum ones but require professional installation. They can remain functional and withstand heavy rainfall. The average lifespan can go from two to three decades but has the possibility of rusting when not properly taken care of.

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